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Family Day 2008

Last Oct. 25, 2008, we celebrated the annual school’s Family Day held at Wild Life Quezon City. The fair also coincided with the Veggie Week of Angel Presence. Naturally being a Pamilyang OFW we celebrated it without my husband for the second time. But nevertheless, I have to make it fun for my kids. That is the role of a wife to an OFW, making the situation normal inspite of the abnormal circumstances.

I was with Icko, Ishi and Rozell (his boyfriend), my ever-reliable housemate (angel for 6 years) and since my nephew Josh is Icko’s schoolmate I am also with my single parent sister Ate Yeng, with her kids Jill, Choi and Joshua.

Both Icko and Josh were assigned to be in eggplant costume. What I love about occasions like this is my Icko got to perform and I was ofcourse beaming with pride. Their section dance to the tune of High-School Musical Theme. Although my little boy is not a good dancer (just like his papa, parehas kaliwa ang paa), his effort is more than enough for me to feel proud.

One thing that I love with events like this is that I’ve got a chance to discover more about my kids. When Icko joined the sack race, his teachers were amazed because from among the kids he was able to reach the goal without stumbling down. My son is a potential athlete, and that I will surely hone in the future.

I just hope that on the next Family Day, Papa will already be here to celebrate it with us.

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My Icko the Monster


Credits : mini kit used for this entry into the October 2008 contest on CUFREEBIES was made by: Kristin Aagard Designs at Pickle Berry Pop, Gotta Pixel and Polka Dot Potato ~ and/or ~

Thank you Kristin for a fun mini kit to play with!!

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Thoughts On Blogging

When I was just starting this blog, I do not have a clear idea of what it really is. All I know that time is that it is a platform which can serve as my online diary, where my Overseas Foreign Worker (OFW) husband can read the updates on our lives. But as days passed by, I learned more and more about blogging and its intricacies.

Later, I learned that you can actually earn from blogging, which I can testify is true. Moreover, new blogging vocabulary words was added into my dictionary. Bloghopping, X-links, Entrecard, Monetizing, WebHosting and the lists continuous to grow as days passed by. From the newbie blogger, 3 years ago, I am now a proud Filipina blogger – your Brown Pinay.

I am not really a techie person who has an expertise on Internet technology, but thanks to the Net we can find several web hosting articles and tutorials , domain name, lay-out tutorial and the likes. Indeed, experience is the best teacher. Now, after almost 3 years of blogging, I still haven’t loose that passion to right and share bits and pieces of me.

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Choosing the Right Jeans For You

Choosing the right jeans can take extra pounds and age off from you. Sounds like a good deal. I have read in a magazine that full-figured and heavy built woman like me should choose jeans which can flatter their figure, or else it will make you look even bigger.

For big girls or is it voluptuous like me (hehhe). Here are some tips which I was able to gather form K.Pantinas:

  • Big Belly. If you have a big belly, choose a pair of high-waisted jeans to help create a smooth plane over the entire stomach. But not to have the jeans go above the belly button. While button-fly or regular jeans are fine, don’t choose jeans that tie, have pleats or an elastic waistband, or are decorated in front. These things will just bring attention to the belly bulge.
  • Big Bottom. Instead, choose a pair of jeans that have wide, long pockets that rest wide and low on your bottom. Vertical seams, both on the pockets and down the back of the jeans, also help to create length instead of width. The jeans should also be a low rise cut to shorten the back end, and should flare at the ankles to help create balance.
  • Wide Hips. The worst thing someone with wide hips can do is try to hide them in a relaxed fit pair of jeans. These jeans actually draw attention to the width. Instead, buy a pair of boot-cut jeans. The flare at the bottom helps to minimize the appearance of thick thighs or wide hips. The key to these jeans looking best is to get them long enough. The hem line should hit the bottom of the ankle. If you plan to only wear them with a heel, which will help to minimize the look of wide hips even more, the hemline can go as low as the floor when standing flat-footed.
For more tips you can have more right jeans tips at this site, so the next time you shop, you know what will fit you

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Security Advisory in Celebration of All Saint’s Day

Tomorrow, almost all Filipinos will be heading to the cemetery to pay our respect to our departed beloved. It is a timeless tradition that Pinoys are celebrating from time immemorial. During this season, some of the houses will be left unattended and many will also be going home to their provinces. Please read below security advisory which was emailed to us by our company. I find it to be informative and useful, so here I am sharing it with you.

Click for bigger view:

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