Trip to Manaoag

Last January 17, together with my Mama, we took the last trip to Manaoag. It is recommended to take Dagupan Bus Line since it has direct route from Manila (Cubao) straight to Manaoag. We arrived 10:45PM just in time, since the bus left the terminal at exactly 11:20PM. If you have a buddy and will be coming in groups, I suggest that you come a little early so you can get a good seat, otherwise you will get separate slots. Bus ride from Cubao to Manaoag is two hundred eighty five pesos (Php285)

It was a smooth ride, we were able to get a good nap or I can say sleep zzzzzzzzzzzz, waking in between stop-over. We arrived at Manaoag Church around 3:15AM (January 18)-birthday of my Mommy Lola) earlier than the usual. That makes our travel time = 4 hours. The last time my bestfriend Sheng went to there she told me that she arrived at around 4:30AM. We while away drinking coffee at the nearby 7-11 store. The church opens at 4AM. The mass promptly starts at 5:00AM. I just took notice that most of those who are attending the first mass for that day were from Manila or nearby towns.

A visit to Manaoag will never be complete without :The lighting of the candles as an offering for our personal intentions.

* taking the long queue up to the altar to touch the image of Our Lady of Manaoag

* Visiting the Rosary Garden – which we missed since the gate is still closed that early.

* Putong Calasiao for pasalubong

After the mass, we took our lunch at Chowking just across the street.

Heading home, we took Dagupan Bus Line again, I forgot to take note of the street where they were waiting for their passenger, but you can just ask the locals. We left the place at 1100AM and arrived at Manila before 2:40PM

It was really a good bonding moment with my Mama, since seldom do we have a chance to travel alone before.
Many pilgrims and Catholics are visiting the Our Lady of Manaoag becuase of its miraculous intercession.
Dagupan Bus has daily trips to Manaoag, every 45 minutes on the hour round-the-clock.

Dagupan Bus Transit, Inc.
EDSA corner New York Street
Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Tel: (02) 7272287 or 7272330 (but mind you I tried contacting gazillion times but it was only ringing grrrr)

  • If you despise traffic it is best to travel at night. (Last trip : 11:30PM – Dagupan Bus Lines).
  • Always have your jacket handy.
  • If you are a person who cannot sleep while in transit, your ipod, MP3 players and other techie neckie gadgets will really be of help

On my succeeding post I will be sharing to you how my family’s devotion to Our Lady of Manaoag started

Taken : 4AM
The Candle Area

At the Altar

My Mama with the lifesize statues

Schedule of Masses

Manaoag copes with the time….goes techie, now online

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brown pinay

18 Responses to Trip to Manaoag

  1. Vera says:

    I’ve never been to Manaoag, and I don’t think my Roman Catholic boyfriend has been there either. I think it would be interesting to go though.

    Hmm that Puto Calasiao is a favorite. Ahh, and my lolo prefers to take Dagupan whenever he goes to Baguio.

  2. yeye says:

    sarap nung puto!! enge teh!

    wow ha. hitech na. may friendster. hehehehe. 😀

    gusto ko din magpunta jan sa manaoag. makapunta nga. hingi ako ng gabay para sa board exam ko hihihi

  3. <i>nawawalang diosa</i> says:

    matagal na akong di nakakabalik sa manaoag. dati buong pamilya din kami pumupunta dyan. =) ngayon sa antipolo na lang ang aming panata.

  4. iceah says:

    I grew up in Dagupan City famous place nga talaga ang Manaoag and we definitely love the puto there the best I’ve tasted so far :9

  5. ♥perpetuaL bLiss♥ says:

    hello po mommy cielo.. i got a tag for you.. sna po post nyo. ingats. mwah!♥

  6. > Vanny < says:

    once lng ako nakapunta sa manaoag and i was a kid then.

    sana makabalik ako dun..

    missyu ate!

  7. cielo says:

    @tack & vera, yummy talaga sa bus pa lang paubos na heheheh

  8. cielo says:

    @yeye; gudluck sa iyong mga exams, graduate ka na ba…celebrate naman dyan…di na pahuhuli ang Manaoag sa Internet presence

  9. cielo says:

    @iceah, its also been a while before nakabalik sa manaoag…..there is so much to be really thankful of.

    @perpetual bliss….thanks for the tag

  10. Cielo says:

    @vanny; hope you can comeback sa manaoag, maganda na sya…try the last trip, mas mabilis ang byahe

  11. DebbieDana says:

    Hi Chielo! I can’t help it, I was tearing up while reading your post and looking intently at all the photos you posted here. I am from Manaoag. I was born and grew up there before I migrated here in the states. I miss Manaoag so much!! I miss my whole family who most of them are based there, and I miss going to the church so much. Right now, I am in tears….I love my hometown so much and that includes Our Lady…Thank you so much for sharing the photos….I touched the screen….the photo of the miraculous Lady as if I was there in person… I just can’t wait to come back…..soon I will.. together my my husband and son…this coming April. Hey! You made me so madrama now, but…. very touched and happy!

    Also, the street where Dagupan Bus is waiting for the passengers, that’s Tiong Street, that’s where I live, just a walking distance to the church.

    Again thank you so much, I enjoyed all the photos, made me close to “home”!


  12. karmi says:

    ate cielo! kailangang magcomment ako d2, kasi nakita ko ung puto! waaaaa.. paborito ko yan.. penge! ^_^ hehehe..


  13. cielo says:

    i emphatize with you, anyway hope that you can visit your family para maibsan ang homesickness na nadarama mo….

  14. Cielo says:

    padadalhan sana kita ng puto kaso mahal ang plane fare kasi gusto ko ako mag abot ng personal hehehhe

  15. iskobido says:

    Hi thanks for the info. I’ve never been to manaoag commuting. My family’s from nueva ecija and every year my mom and dad drives us to the church. I’m now living independently here in manila and i still want to keep the devotion. This is really helpful.

    btw, would you know the schedule of trips from manaoag to cubao? i’m planning to take the last trip from cubao, then just here mass and pray, so based sa sched mga 7am i’d be ready to go back to the manila na. would there be a bus going back at that time?


  16. Cielo says:


    Usually last trip is 11PM to 11:30PM

  17. Che says:

    This is great help! thanks! and yes… all that number does is ring and ring and ring… so does this mean you just went on ahead at the bus station without confirming the skeds and stuff?! :-)

  18. john simon says:

    very useful info thanks!

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