Acne Solution : Eskinol + Dalacin C

Let me share to you a little secret which I had been doing since last week. As I had previously mentioned before, I am prone to acne in my face and in my back. I tried different acne solutions but to no avail. I remember a regimen or actually a solution which has been effective to me when I was in college, which was shared by a classmate. I also come across this acne prevention in forums like CandyMag and PEX.The solution – Eskinol + Dalacin C capsule. Simply open the Dalacin C (300 mg) capsule and dilute the powder in your Eskinol Dermaclear-C Facial Cleanser (225ml) and shake thoroughly. Actually this is not a professional prescription from a dermatologist, but it works for me. You may try it as an unsolicited advice at your own risk. Just make sure not to over exposed yourself under the sun when using it, ‘coz it might burn your skin.

Although I would not really encourage you to use it, it is worth sharing since it has been an effective pimple prevention regimen to me and my Ishi (gone are her pimples in her back which she is really concerned to get rid of since JS Prom is fast approaching).

But I am not planning to use it regularly, as soon as our pimples dries up we will stop using it because I am also afraid that it may eventually dry our skin. I plan to use it for containment only and not regularly.

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  1. hihi..i’m using this as well..but i’m using eskinol papaya with work for me for first 4 year..but now my skin seems to be immune to it..:(

  2. hope kristine says:

    Pwede po bang gumamit ang mga 14 years old na katulad ko at vawal po ba nababad sa araw kapag gumamit ng eskinol with dalacin c

  3. PAR says:


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