DepEd to Include Spanish Language in High School curriculum

I just learned recently that the “SPANISH Language” will be taught in High-School in the coming school year. A pilot training for selected HS teachers had already started thru DEP Ed in partnership with Instituto de Cervantes, as their training arm. The program has been concluded after the Spain visit of Pres. Gloria Arroyo.

Last June 2009, 15 pilot schools have already been selected to implement the inclusion of Spanish in their curriculum as an elective.

The schools implementing this program are Ilocos Norte National HS (Region I), Lemu National HS (Cagayan, Region II), Honorato Perez Memorial Science HS (Cabanatuan City, Region III), Cavite Science HS Region IV-A), Dolores National HS (Marinduque, Region IV-B), Naga City Science HS (Region V), Capiz National HS (Region IV), Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial HS (Region IX), Gusa National HS (Region X), Davao City special School (Region XI), Tupi National HS (Region XII), Agusan National HS (CARAGA), Ifugao Provincial Science HS (CAR), Quezon City Science HS (NCR), and ARMM Science HS (ARMM).

For now, it is still in their development stage but in the long run, if the program will be effective in the following pilot schools listed above, for sure it will be implemented as an elective across all regions in the Philippines.

During previous interview granted by DepEd 7 Director Recaredo Borgonia, he said only students who excelled in English and Filipino are expected to also perform well in Spanish.

“We cannot make it a requirement for all the students to take up Spanish. If the student doesn’t perform well in English or Filipino, you can’t expect them to do well in Spanish. So it is better that it is just an elective, for the students to decide,” said Borgonia.

Now I would like to share Brown Pinay’s thoughts and opinions regarding this endeavor. True indeed that the Filipinos should adjust with the current trend of globalization since Spanish is the fourth language being spoken worldwide. But whilst it is true that knowledge is power and of course we should not close our doors for learning, I think that we should never forget to focus on the current needs of the students – like better facilities, books (1:1 ratio per student), more qualified teachers and more funds to cater to these needs. Learning another language is totally a good idea since this is an additional feather to our cap and good preparation for the global market. But I just hope that the government will not fail to address the most basic needs of the students which we are really lacking, this way it is a win-win situation for everyone.

I remember my older sisters taking up Spanish in their college days and was abolished before I assume college. I also learned that it was also previously taught in High school before but was also scratched out of the curriculum. I just hope the incumbent in DEP Ed has also studied what has happened in the past and make it a lesson of today.

To know more about this Dep Ed endeavor you may read their Press Release about this subject in their website

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2 Responses to DepEd to Include Spanish Language in High School curriculum

  1. Chok says:

    I think you’re right. Before the Gov’t adds another subject, even if it is elective, I think that they should make sure that the needs of the students are already being met.

    I’ve worked as a J.O. for DepEd before, so I am well aware of the situations of students who are studying at Public Schools. These students are not only in dire need of books, but better infrastracture and armchairs as well.

  2. While it is unfortunate that students are “required” to learn any second language, you need to look at the bright side: they probably wouldn’t chose to do so on their own accord. The downside is that when language is forced upon students, it strips them of the positive motivation they need to make foreign language learning happen.

    And hey… Spanish is quickly becoming one of the most important GLOBAL languages, so if students are forced to learn something, Spanish is a great place to start.

    Thanks for your article.

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