Extreme Power Saver : How Effective Will It Be?

Last summer because of the scorching heat, we are prompted to open our airconditioning unit at night. This is not to mention the fact that my OFW hubby just arrived and has a difficulty coping with the uber dooper hot humid weather. It is quite ironic since he came from Saudi and yet he told me that the heat here in the Philippines is very humid and unbearable.

Apart from the additional electric load of our aircon, the increase in MERALCO rate has really made our MERALCO bill unbearable to my eyes huhuhuhu.

At home we are already practicing electricity power savings. I already inculcated in the minds of my kids and housemaid to conserve energy even in their own little ways.

Yes, I am desperate to lower my electric bill. The very reason why I fall prey to the sweet talk of the salesman of SM Ace Hardware. He told me that after 3 months, I can exchange the Power Saver for other items in their store, provided that I had my receipt.

Although I am seeing negative feedbacks from different Pinoy forums over the Net, I am hopeful that it will really work wonders to my bill. But if ever that it will not be effective, I will surely trade it to other items their store. At least, I had this experience first hand.

I will update you about our 3 months bill if this Extreme Power Saver is really effective. For now just wish me luck

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brown pinay

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  1. Kayce says:

    wow ang galing naman nyan sis may trial pag di effective. We are also using energy saving device and it really works.

  2. DiNO S. DAViD says:

    magkano ang bili mo? effective yan tested na namin yan pero yung nabili mo i think 18000 Watts ang max na capacity diba? meron ako kinukuhan hanggang 25000 Watts ang kaya nya pero mas mahal 3000 pesoses naman.

  3. Amy Chubs says:

    Hello! I just bought 2 sets of Extreme Power Saver!
    Give me some feedback naman bout this! Ty po.

  4. nakamuraako says:

    Guys, saw many new power saver in http://www.sulit.com.ph
    Most of them sells 50%-70% OFF
    Mas mataas pa wattage nila, kasi sa Ace Hardware they only sell 5,000 Watts

  5. Danny says:

    Hi Ms Brown Pinay,

    So, after your use of the Extreme Power Saver, did your eletric bill go down?

    I am searching from the net the result of consumer testing. I have some doubts as to the authenticity of other reviews as it seems to be a blog from the maker/seller.

    Many thanks.

    • Brown Pinay says:

      Yup bumaba pero hindi ganun karemarkable,,,this reminds me to create a blog post about the result…

      • Julian Noel says:

        Good day mam,

        I am also conducting an experiment about this particular product. It is a controversial topic whether or not it is really saving electricity. Because like you, I just can’t base and judge the efficacy of this product from various blogs and forums. I really needed a first-hand, unbiased review so I bought one for myself.

        The terms are also the same like yours, if I will send them a photocopy of the receipt and my meralco bill for 3 months and it didn’t do anything as advertised, they will gladly exchange it for other products. Being a regular customer to their store, it’s not a bad deal really. I actually didn’t waste my hard earned cash if ever this turns out to be a scam like everyone is claiming. (Pampalubag loob ko nalang yun, hehe)

        As of now, it is only the second day of my experiment and I am still a skeptic about this. I believe I have a distinct advantage because unlike most people who reviewed this product, I am living alone in my house therefore I can accurately gauge the results and have a consistent outcome. I am also jotting down my energy expenses so that I have my own list that will hopefully reflect my bill afterwards.

        I am doing all of this, in the spirit of science because even if I am not an electrical engineer, I wanted to test the validity of this product in a manner that everyone would understand. I know I won’t be able to convince every single one after this experiment but at least I tried to know for myself the truth about this product. Thanks!

  6. Eng says:

    Hi guyz! just to share my experience regarding using Extreme Power Saver version 2. Last Feb 20, 2011. i bought this device para maka-tipid. 24/7 ko naman siyang nakakabit at hinayaan ko lang kung may effect o wala. Di ko naman ma estimate kung bumaba bayaran ko kuryente kasi depende naman sa usage kung makakatipid kasi nakakabit ang device kasama computer shop ang bahay, kumbaga 1 device sa isang electric meter. So to be honest di ko alam kung effective device. Basta bumili lang ako just incase makatulong sa pagtitipid ng kuryente. March 25, 2012 at aroung 4:00am nagising katulong ko puno na nag usok sa loob ng bahay namin. Yun pala nasusunog na device at ang baho ng amoy. Buti na lang nagising katulong ko at inalis niya kaagad kung hindi sa katitipid ko sa kuryente, magiging abo bahay namin. Hay naku! pupunta ako SM Naga City para ipatingin ko sa kanila at ire-refund ko unit. Kung di nila ire-refund pupunta ako DTI. Tingnan natin kung ano mangyayari…abangan ang susunod na kabanata…

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