Quit Smoking

Below is the picture of a healthy lungs and a smoker lungs.  

Smoking is bad for your health and if you smoke you have a bigger risk from illness and worst early death. It is a known fact that the connection between smoking and lung cancer is well established. Quitting is indeed hard, but have the will power to do it. If the picture is not enough to convince you to quit smoking, then just think about your kids and your loved ones.  If you can do it for yourself, just do it for them.

4 Responses to Quit Smoking

  1. My dad was a big smoker few years back but he opted to quit smoking when he was once rushed to the hospital because of angina. It was really hard for him at first, but he managed to do so. Plus, he doesn’t just lengthen his life but our lives as well. :) Spread the word: Quit Smoking!

  2. Hazel Truce says:

    I’m so glad my husband stooped smoking already. My kids are getting asthma because of the smoke from his cigarettes. Spread the word!

  3. Aura says:

    I had problems because of smoking, and I am so happy to finally quit that thing..

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