My Blogs’ Page Rank Ranking (August 2012)

For fellow bloggers like me who are into monetizing their blogs, Page Rank (PR) is of out most important. Since I was not really active this days due to other priorities in life I had been out of sync with the blogging world. Thanks to the blogger groups that I am part of and I had been informed that there has been a recent PR epdate. I am very thankful though that although no blogs of mine has decrease its ranking and all of which has remained its current PR.

Although I seldom update my blogs below:

Now this inspires me to straighten up my schedule and find time to update all of my blogs even just once a week.

Also, I would like to share to you a site which is very helpful for multiple blog owners like me to check on their blogs simultaneously. Check the Page Rank of all your blogs in one click, up to 50 URL instantly! –

How about my other blogger friends, any changes in your Page Rank? I hope that it will be favorable in your end.

5 Responses to My Blogs’ Page Rank Ranking (August 2012)

  1. Mitchteryosa says:

    No changes this sa akin. =)

  2. Monica says:

    PR 2! Congrats mate.

  3. I think that your blog site is raising immediately and massively into its fullest potential. it proves that many guest are visiting your site to read latest content that can help others.

  4. Hello there it seem that your blog reach something, it proves that your content is high quality and a lot of readers visit your site.congratulation you did great.

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