Pamilyang OFW: Another Parting Time

As seconds turns into minutes, minutes into hours and hours into days, I am slowly turning sad. One day to go and my family will be back to regular programming – OFW husband will be back to work in Saudi, I will be back tending to the kids alone as a working Mom and the kids will do their regular activities without Papa.

Ambilis naman ng panahon kung pwede lang ifreeze ang time –  40 days is such a short time to catch up. It is the 39th day today and tomorrow will be the 40th day of my OFW husband’s vacation. Meaning to say it is once again “parting time”. Hay naku parang “hiram na sandali” .

Parting time na naman, emote time na naman. Although 7 years nang OFW si husband I can still feel enormous sadness every time that he would leave us to work abroad. Sabi nga ng iba di na daw ako nasanay. Intentional yun, ayaw kong masanay na wala si dear husband.

Goodbyes no matter how frequent can never be sweet. My husband has been an OFW for 7 years now, in that 7 years of our life, I only accompanied Allan to the airport only once (that was the first time he left the country). I would always fetch him from the airport but I decided that it will better if we will say our goodbyes at home. Parang may nakabarang buto ng santol sa lalamunan when it is parting time. I need to put a brave front for the sake of the kids, but inside parang sasabog ka sa lungkot…ang hirap…

E kasi nga I love Hello’s, I Hate Good Byes

Tuwing aalis sya parehas kaming magigising ng maaga.  Si Allan mag aayos ng sarili at hindi manggigising.  Ako naman magpapanggap na natutulog, nagtutulug tulugan ako pero pumapatak naman ang luha sa mga mata ko….Hayyyyy buhay, alam kong hindi lang ako ang nakakadanas nito – alam kong halos lahat ng Pamilyang OFW.

But I wont complain, ayaw kong masanay at maging manhid everytime na aalis sya. I do not like to get used to the feeling at maging parang wala na lang ito sa amin. Everytime my husband leaves for Saudi, it just makes my kids aware that they need to study hard and be good even more because of all the sacrifices of their Papa. My kids and I also have our own share of our sacrifices, but I know that this is just temporary. We have set our goals, we have given our limits and next year my mahal will be with us together.

All the Pamilyang OFW like us will surely relate to what we are experiencing right now. As a piece of my unsolicited advice,

  • Let us not get used in saying goodbyes to our loved ones, instead let this goodbyes be an inspiration to all of us. The key is really to “SAVE”. The very reason why they work abroad is because fortune has been scarce for them here in the Philippines. In return their family left in the Philippines should always take care of all their earnings. Invest if you must, but invest wisely. One of the most fearful part of being an OFW is going back to their motherland penniless.
  • Apart from all those financial aspect, as a Pamilyang OFW, let us always make our family intact. Distance can never, ever be a hindrance to keep a family. There is now no excuse not to communicate with our OFW family, technologies now abound and they are now just a text or an email away. Do not just remember to call them everytime you would ask for money or support. A message asking how they are and that you love them and miss them will surely make them happy and focus. Being a Pamilyang OFW is really hard, actually it is a choice that we had decided on, it is a sacrifice for a better life. Being a Pamilyang OFW is a responsibility in itself that we have to keep up. Let us show our OFW family that we are worth their sacrifice.

Kaya sa iyo Papa, see you sa chat room…I cant wait na magbalik ka hindi lang para sa bakasyon pero para dito ka na for good. Itong taon na ito ay crucial sa atin dahil matindi tinding ipunan ito para sa ating minimithing negosyo.

Gogogo, AJA para sa ating mga plano. Konting tiis na lang.

Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I’ll miss you
Until we meet again!
~Author Unknown

6 Responses to Pamilyang OFW: Another Parting Time

  1. Wena says:

    Hi Cielo. you’re post made me teary-eyed. Saying goobye whenever they’re bound to the airport is indeed the hardest part of being an OFW family. This year is our crucial year, too. We have set a goal too in terms of saving. Konting tiis na lang… sana by 2014 magkakasama na rin kami for good.

  2. Liz says:

    I am sorry to hear that you only spend a short period of time with your husband. Life is like that. gaano man daw kahirap ang sitwasyon, titiisin, para sa pamilya di ba? Ganon talaga ang buhay eh. di bale, sulit naman siguro ang 40 days na bakasyon ni Mister :)

  3. Yung akin padating naman ng March. Hay, nakakaloka talaga tuwing parting time ano?

  4. It’s quite sad to hear stories of families just like that.
    I hope that one day, you’ll have a satisfying moments together!
    Hoping for the best for your whole family and your husband who is away now.

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