Maximizing the Use of Social Media & Internet During Calamities

Almost everywhere in Manila and its neighboring provinces are almost flooded due to typhoon Maring. Torrential rains continue to pour in until this very moment that I am writing this post (August 20, 2013 2:40PM). We are one of the lucky ones who are not affected with the flooding, though heavy rain outside is really bothering me still I have lots to be thankful of. A friend of mine in Cavite texted me that they have no power, water since yesterday. Just to keep updated she would text me just to know what is happening outside. I also chose to stay at home and be updated thru the Internet.

In times like this it has already been proven that social media and Internet has a great contribution during disaster relief operation. This has been proven since Ondoy, Habagat and several other typhoons that the Philippines have encountered.

So let me share to you some information to maximize the use of Internet in saving lives and limbs during calamities like this.

Emergency Hotlines

Also, makes use of the following haghtags listed above

It is also helpful to know the Twitter, Facebook Page of your respective cities, municipalities, schools of your kiddos, MMDA, Philippine National Red Cross and other government agencies.

Let us be responsible in sharing information over the Internet.

2 Responses to Maximizing the Use of Social Media & Internet During Calamities

  1. Mitchteryosa says:

    So thankful to social posts! I remember last year how an FB post alerted us from flood!

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